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Choosing Glen’s Sweeping Services

Our team of professionals with extensive experience in commercial street sweeping, water truck operations and options for home owners are committed to delivering  high-quality services with a high focus on customer satisfaction.

We offer 3 main categories of services:

Street Sweeping Services

We maintain a fleet of specialized sweeping vehicles designed for construction site cleaning equipped with powerful water jets. These durable machines are built for the extra heavy-duty sweeping required at construction sites. Whether your site needs daily sweeping or an end-of-project clean up, we are ready to help.


Water Truck Services

Catering to a wide range of applications such as dust control and water delivery. Our fleet is equipped for residential neighbourhoods, construction sites to commercial complexes.


Home Owner Services

Need your pool filled before the summer season? Looking to host an event? Need your sod watered? Need a water main tested? We’re equipped with large capacity tanks to deliver heated and cooled water services.


Book a Service

Offering services ranging from municipal street sweeping, dust control to filling your pool for the summer season. Request a quote with Glen’s Sweeping to get the conversation started for your project needs.